Sunday, September 18, 2016

Simple Portraits of a Watch - the G-Shock G-Steel GST-S110BD-1B

Having gotten myself a mini-studio light tent recently, I took photos of all things small which are of interest to me.

I find watches are very suitable for this "mini assignment" for one.

Come'on. It's just for fun ! And it's very easy. :D

The Setup

All photos are shot handheld with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 lens, minor edits in Lightroom CC. The watch is put inside the ProoCam Mini Studio Light Tent.

A recently acquired G-Shock G-Steel model. (GST-S110BD-1B) © Edward Chen Photography

Not the best photography of the watch. If you look closely, some of the wordings on the watch are reflected in the light and thus hard to read. (Reminder to myself: Due to the LED lights on my light-tent, certain angles are best avoided.)

© Edward Chen Photography

Nevertheless, it's a good attempt.

It comes in a metal hexagon box. © Edward Chen Photography

I find this angle of the photo above more pleasing although I still prefer the feel of the first photo.

The Watch

Low profile with its black ion plated case and band it stands out among the usual G-Shock watches. Hopefully the color stays long enough unlike the paint on some of my cameras.

Weighing at 185g, the G-Shock G-Steel is a rather solid watch, similar to my older Edifice. It gives me the feeling that it's made to last a lifetime.

Feature wise its only shortcoming (to me) is that it doesn't come with date.

The "Tough Solar" means I do not have to change the battery at least for the next 8 years as long as I make sure it's charged periodically under the light. It can last 19 months on the rechargeable battery even if it's left in total darkness after a full charge.

The "hand-shift" light-on feature is cool, but doesn't always work with I lift my wrist up to look at the watch. According to the manual, "Moving the watch to a position that is parallel to the ground and then tilting it towards you more than 40 degrees causes illumination to turn on." The manual also warns you to turn this feature off if you're cycling, riding a motorbike, or operating a vehicle to avoid distractions should the watch suddenly lights up. Hmm... I wouldn't want to on/off this feature by pressing the button twice or more everyday. I might as well just leave it off.

More details of the watch can be found here:

What do you think?

Are you a G-Shock fan? Which is your favourite G-Shock model?

My "battered" & cracked (but loyal) Edifice watch.  © Edward Chen Photography

Pictured above is my 5-year-old Edifice watch with a cracked glass. I have yet to bring it to the shop to have the glass replaced. I wonder how much it will cost me? (Update: The cost to replace the glass is RM98.)

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