Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Birding Trip to Tanjung Karang, Selangor (Part One of Two)

Some new birds are added to my collection of photos on my recent trip to Tanjung Karang... 😄

It's a cloudy forecast on a Monday morning, rain seems to be coming soon. However, I went ahead with my plan to Tanjung Karang since I've already planned for the trip after my birding trip to Kuala Selangor last week.

Tanjung Karang is located about 15 kilometers away from Kuala Selangor, or 15-18 minutes away. The drive in the morning is smooth as usual, since most cars are headed towards the opposite direction.

I arrived first at Bukit Melawati. Scouted for a few minutes to see if there's any special bird hanging in the nearby trees. I just saw some swiftlets and lots of juvenile Asian Glossy Starlings in the trees. So I headed to Tanjung Karang after a few snapshots. It was already raining.

Juvenile Asian Glossy Starlings. © Edward Chen

Upon reaching the rural area of Tanjung Karang, I spotted a Black-naped Oriole with a bountyin its beak. But it flew off once I moved my car to get ready for the capture. 😭

Nearby in the same tree was a black Koel. It was watching me all along and wasn't startled by my presence unlike the Black-naped Oriole.

Koel. © Edward Chen

On the opposite of the road, clinging onto the cables were two Blue-tailed Bee-eaters. Minding their own business, resting in the rain and then only flew away until a motorcycle passed by.

Blue-tailed Bee-eater. © Edward Chen

Blue-tailed Bee-eater. © Edward Chen
As I approach the jeti, I noticed something "blue" on the cable. Upon inspection, it's the "common" White-throated Kingfisher. It's resting in the rain as well, with another kingfisher nearby.

White-throated Kingfisher in the rain. © Edward Chen
White-throated Kingfisher in the rain. © Edward Chen
Then there was a Helang Tikus looking from far atop a tall abandoned building in the area. And a magpie resting near the bridge.

 Helang Tikus. © Edward Chen
Magpie. © Edward Chen

Magpie. © Edward Chen
Then I noticed some moments in the branches of a tree near the river. I took a snapshot of it and it flew away after noticing my presence. It's a kingfisher or Raja Udang as the locals call it, but I cannot determine which type. On top of than tree was a Little Heron.

It's still raining.

Kingfisher. © Edward Chen
Little Heron. © Edward Chen

I followed the direction where the kingfisher flew towards and found a Collared Kingfisher instead! And as usual, it flew off after I machine-gun away while taking its photo. 😛

Collared Kingfisher. © Edward Chen
Collared Kingfisher. © Edward Chen

After taking a photo of this Brown Shrike, I went to the nearby warung upon calls of invitation from the friendly locals as it was still raining.

Brown Shrike. © Edward Chen

Lunch break ~! Please watch out for Part 2 later. 😊

What do you think?

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