Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Collared-Kingfisher and more... Birding Trip to Tanjung Karang Selangor (Part Two of Two)

Continuing from Part One...

As I took shelter in the warung (eatery), the locals (I should have taken a we-fie with them as they are super friendly) told me about the birds they usually see in the area. They mentioned the raja udang (kingfisher) being commonly spotted around there. But they mistook the bee-eater as one of the kingfishers. Egrets are common across the river, and so are eagles.

Then one of them called for me and pointed into the trees.

Not one, but two collared-kingfishers !

© Edward Chen

My lens started to get misty due to the rainy weather. It took my awhile before I could snap some good shots. But they flew away as soon as I put down the camera.

I thought I would not be seeing them again. Then one of them reappeared soon after I had a sip of teh (tea)! I was so happy that I answered the locals' invitation for a drink! 😄 The collared-kingfisher looked so elegant in the rain.

The lens started to get misty again but I went ahead and took some shots anyway. I didn't go anywhere else until the rain stopped.

The result was like this:

Unedited misty photo of the Collared kingfisher. © Edward Chen
Luckily I managed to dehaze the photo using Lightroom CC.

After EDITing the misty photo of the Collared kingfisher. © Edward Chen

Then I decided to wipe the misty lens clean. Should have done that earlier. 😄

Collared Kingfisher in the rain. © Edward Chen

Collared kingfisher with a tiny crab in its beak. © Edward Chen

Collared-kingfisher having its yummy food (crab). © Edward Chen
There were other birds in the area as well.

Here are some of the photos taken:

Magpie? © Edward Chen

Blue-tailed Bee-eater. © Edward Chen

Swiftlets © Edward Chen

Spiderhunter? © Edward Chen

Sleeping... Zzzz © Edward Chen

© Edward Chen

© Edward Chen

I will be revisiting this area again in the near future as my visit here was really worthwhile. I managed to see at least 3 types of kingfishers in one visit alone. I suspect there are lots of other birds nearby which I had yet to explore.

What do you think?

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