Thursday, December 13, 2018

Misty Cameron Highlands - a short video clip

I have been using the Sony a7R3 for some time now and has since traded-in my a7ii. Yup, sold everything including my battery grip. Although I have been missing some of the features which originally got me interested in the Sony a7ii, the a7R3 has some unique features of its own. One of those features is the S&Q (Slow & Quick) feature.

The video clip above is taken using the S&Q feature, 1fps for a total of 20 minutes. In the end, it only gives me less than a minute long clip.

Yes, I am not new in producing video clips, but I am STILL not good at it. 😜 But I hope you will like it.

A processed photo of the day before at Sg. Palas Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands.
© 2018 Edward Chen
The scenery in Cameron Highlands can be breath-taking one day and extremely dull in the next day.

Have you been to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia?

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